Jessica Korderas

Illusive Reality


I have always been heavily influenced by movies in my work. Like any other art form, movies have the ability to both represent and mold society. Exposure to films is so common, such an ordinary part of people's lives that their true effect can easily be forgotten. By subtly suggesting cinematic sensibilities in a sculptural form, I want people to consider the impact of films on their own perspectives of the world, away from the overpowering influence of the medium itself. Resin is perfectly suited to represent film. It creates a level of distortion that gives the illusion of movement between the layers when viewed from different angles. It also traps light, filling the pieces with an illumination that emulates the glow of the silver screen. Through this new body of work, I created resin based pieces that explore whether movies are reflective of society, whether they shape it, or both, and to what extent.

I chose the films to portray intuitively, while consciously avoiding any iconic movie imagery that would be too loaded for the viewer. I wanted to see what patterns would emerge, and what they would say about the influence movies have had on me personally. As always I was drawn to the subject of human relationships, and like my previous work, there is still a lot of darker imagery (Aiuto) as well as feelings of loneliness and isolation (the emptiness of the resin around the figures in Another Cigarette). However this work tends to have much more positive imagery than any of my earlier work, a definite reflection of the escapist nature of cinema.