Jessica Korderas


2013 - 2014

Feelings of isolation, loneliness, alienation, and disconnection permeated my previous work, but this new body of work is an evolution of these themes. By focusing so much on isolation, I began to wonder how other people behave when they are completely alone. Human beings are complex social creatures, and we often feel a need to present a version of ourselves to the world that is different from our true selves. Often the only time we are really free is when we are alone. I began to think about the positive side of being alone; privacy, comfort, peace, and intimacy. This new work offers a glimpse into the side of people that we never get to see; when they are safe in their own little havens. People relate to these images because we all have these hidden sides of our lives. And ironically, knowing others have these secrets is a comforting feeling of connection. I hope that I can give people a glimpse into these moments and in doing so share the feeling that even when we are alone, we share so much in common with others.